Rapid Infrastructure and Construction Activities in Developing Regions to Lead the Global Construction Chemicals Market to Reach $34B by 2022

Thursday 19 May 2016

Industry Experts released the new global market research report on Construction Chemicals. The new report ’Construction Chemicals – A Global Market Overview’ reveals that Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the largest market with an estimated US$10.9 billion in 2016 and also projected to be the fastest growing between 2016 and 2022 with a CAGR of 9.4% closely followed by South America with 7.2%. The growth of global construction chemicals demand has a direct correlation to the construction activities around the world. Developing regions in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and South America are expected to lead the growth of the construction chemicals market, globally.

Global demand for construction chemicals has been witnessing above average growth in recent times, a trend that is likely to sustain at least over the medium term. As a rule, consumption of construction chemicals has a direct correlation with the level of ongoing construction activities around the globe. This further depends on the existing status of the construction market, urbanization and the degree of industrialization in a specific region.

Developing economies of Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America are the primary construction markets that have been growing and would continue to grow rapidly, leading to a corresponding increase in consumption of construction chemicals. The populations in these regions, too, tend to grow at a much faster rate that the developed economies, signifying a constant need for construction activity to be maintained. In addition, huge spending by governments for providing housing and boosting infrastructure is likely to bolster demand for construction chemicals in these sectors. Existing trends in the construction market indicate an increased use of ready-mix concrete and wider demand for non-hazardous and sustainable construction chemicals. Another trend that has been gaining in traction is the use of carbon nanotubes in flame retardant materials that are employed in construction.

In terms of end-use, the global market for construction chemicals relies heavily on the infrastructure and real estate sectors, generating a substantial amount of revenue from them. Favorable initiatives by several governments aimed at improving infrastructure and overcoming housing deficit have led to increased investments in infrastructure and affordable housing, which has had a favorable impact on construction chemicals. Over the years, this demand would be driven by more investments in new construction and also in projects involving maintenance and repairs.

Construction Chemicals market analyzed in this report for the key chemical types comprising Adhesives & Sealants, Asphalt Modifiers, Concrete Admixtures, Flame Retardants, Protective Coatings, Waterproofing Chemicals and Other Construction Chemicals. The report also analyzes the key end-use sectors comprising Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure and Residential. The global markets for the above mentioned end-use sectors are analyzed in terms of value in USD. The global market for Construction Chemicals, estimated at US$19.9 billion in 2015 and forecast to be US$21.4 billion in 2016, is expected to maintain a CAGR of 7.9% between 2016 and 2022 and reach a projected US$33.7 billion by 2022. Demand for Concrete Admixtures is the largest, as also the fastest growing on a global basis, projected to reach US$12.4 billion by 2022 with a 2016-2022 compounded annual rate of 8.9%.

The report reviews, analyses and projects the Construction Chemicals market for the period 2012-2022 globally and the regional markets including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The regional markets further analyzed for 13 independent countries across North America – The United States, Canada and Mexico; Europe – France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom; Asia-Pacific – China, Japan, India and South Korea; and South America – Argentina and Brazil.

This 424 page global Construction Chemicals market report includes 214 charts (includes a data table and graphical representation for each chart), supported with meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation, of market numbers. This report profiles 10 key global players and 43 major players across North America – 19; Europe – 14; Asia-Pacific – 8; and Rest of World – 2. The research also provides the listing of the companies engaged in manufacturing and supply of Construction Chemicals. The global list of companies covers the address, contact numbers and the website addresses of 233 companies.

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