IVF Leads Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators Demand Growth as Global Market Projected to Touch $1 billion by 2029 – Market Research Report (2023-2029) by Industry Experts, Inc

Friday 28 Jul 2023

Industry Experts, Inc. released the new in-depth global market research report "Global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators Market – Types, Capacities and Applications". The study reveals that the global demand for Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators is expected to be the largest due to several factors, such as high-temperature stability required for growth & maintenance of cell cultures, consistency in maintaining CO2 levels and minimizing the risk of contamination.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators are gassed incubators that enable in creating a natural atmosphere essential for developing cell and tissue cultures. The major parameters to be considered for a perfect match with cell culture requirements include temperature, humidity, pH, oxygen level and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels, all of which are imperative for ensuring proper cell growth.

Owing to a robust research and development base, along with the presence of leading global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, North America constitutes the leading global market for CO2 Incubators. Factors furthering the demand for these devices in the region include a sharp rise in the incidence of chronic diseases that need R&D initiatives in cell and tissue engineering for successful clinical outcomes. The demand for CO2 Incubators in Asia-Pacific, though, is likely to post the fastest CAGR exceeding 6% over the 2023-2029 analysis period.

global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators market

The study reviews, analyzes and projects the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators market for global and the regional markets including North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of World for the period 2020-2029 in terms of value in USD. These regional markets further analyzed for 11 independent countries across North America – the United States, Canada and Mexico; Europe – France, Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom; Asia-Pacific – China, India, Japan and South Korea.

The global market for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubator types analyzed in this report includes Air-Jacketed CO2 Incubators, Direct Heat CO2 Incubators and Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators. The report analyzes the market for CO2 Incubators by its capacity comprising Below 100 Liters, 100-200 Liters and Above 200 Liters. The study also explores the market for major applications of CO2 Incubators consisting of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Laboratory Research & Clinical Diagnostics and Others.

This 214 page Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubator market report includes 158 charts (includes a data table and graphical representation for each table), supported with a meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation of the market. This report comprises brief business profiles of 12 key players and also provides a listing of the companies engaged in the manufacturing and supply of CO2 incubators. The global list of companies covers addresses, contact numbers and the website addresses of 81 companies.

California, USA based Industry Experts, Inc. is a multi-industry focused business information provider.

For more details, please visit: https://industry-experts.com/verticals/construction-and-manufacturing/global-carbon-dioxide-co2-incubators-market

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