Global Medical Imaging Devices Market to Grow by 7% CAGR to reach $49 billion by 2020

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Industry Experts, a multi industry focused market research firm, has today announced the availability of 2013 version of the market research report ’Medical Imaging Devices - A Global Market Overview’. The new report reveals that the global market for medical imaging devices is estimated at US$30.2 billion in 2013. The X-Ray remains the largest imaging modality while CT, Ultrasound and MRI to follow closely during the analysis period 2010-2020.
The medical imaging device industry has been evolving ever since its inception, with assurance of cost and clinical advantages offered furthering access to a range of imaging modalities in several medical applications. Demographics, such as an aging population pool, constitute a key factor in bolstering market growth, though device manufacturers are faced with the prospect of providing innovative and patient-friendly solutions that support enhanced safety and ease of operation.
Global trends have suggested a marked shift from the saturated North American and European markets to the more lucrative regions constituting the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe. For instance, the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases has ensued in swelling demand for imaging modalities comprising equipment and software solutions in the critical clinical area. This has further underscored the requirement for technologically advanced medical imaging modalities, though uptake levels have been adversely impacted because of incongruity in deciding the imaging modality most appropriate for a specific cardiac disorder.
The major product segments of medical imaging devices analyzed in this study include Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Ultrasound, X-Ray, Nuclear Imaging and PACS. Global market for Medical Imaging Devices is projected to exceed US$49 billion by 2020 from an estimated US$30.2 billion in 2013.
The report reviews, analyses and projects the Medical Imaging Devices market for global and the regional markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The regional markets further analyzed for 10 independent countries across Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Rest of Europe; and Asia-Pacific – China, India, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Rest of Asia-Pacific.
This 298 page, global market report comprises 93 charts (includes a data table and graphical representation for each chart), supported with meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation, of market numbers. The statistical tables represent the data for the global market value in USD by geographic regions and product segment of medical imaging devices. This report profiles 39 key global players and 50 major players across the United States – 32; Canada – 2; Japan – 4; Europe – 8; Asia-Pacific – 3 and Rest of World - 1. The report also provides the listing of the companies engaged in research, technology development, manufacturing and the supply of medical imaging devices. The global list of companies covers addresses, contact numbers and the website addresses of 495 companies.

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