Global Market for Glass Wool/Fiberglass Insulation to grow by 5.9% (2012-2016) to reach 6.4 million MTs by 2016

Tuesday 01 May 2012

Hyderabad – Industry Experts, a multi industry focused market research firm, has today added a new market research report ’Glass Wool/Fiberglass Insulation– A Global Market Overview’ to its catalogue.

Despite of glass wool/fiberglass production has been a recognized technology for quite a while now, framing materials using this product are finding enhanced market recognition, due to heightened global emphasis on “green” applications of such products and technologies. Fiberglass has been the material of choice in several applications, including commercial and residential construction for both new and retrofit applications, which offer strength, longevity, durability and thermal efficiency.

Though initiation of new construction activities would continue to be sluggish in the developed economies of North America and Europe, glass wool demand in North America is expected to pick up pace due a relatively faster recovery and in the European Union because of the imposition of new building energy efficiency directives for cutting down on CO2 emissions.

In EU countries, such as Germany and France, building renovation activities are being undertaken at a frenetic pace, with strong backing from governmental programs with an aim to cut down on energy consumption by buildings. Demand for insulation remains high in regions, such as China, India and Russia because of the burgeoning construction activities and new regulation standards for sustainable buildings being put in place. Asia-Pacific, backed by booming China and other developing countries, has performed well in all sectors that utilize glass wool insulation, with CAGRs ranging from 6 to 8% during 2006-2011, a trend likely to continue over 2012-2016 with high CAGRs between 6.2% and 6.7%.

Market for Glass Wool (or Fiberglass) products analyzed for the end-use application areas includes Residential Construction, Commercial & Industrial Construction, Industrial & HVAC Applications and Appliances & Other. The report analyses the market in terms of volume consumption in metric tons as well as value consumption in US$ dollars. Global market for glass wool is projected to reach 6.4 million metric tons (valued at US$14.1 billion) by 2016 from an estimated 5.1 million metric tons in 2012, growing by a CAGR of 5.9% between 2012 and 2016.

The report reviews, analyses and projects the Glass Wool (or Fiberglass) Insulation market for global and the regional markets including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The regional markets further analyzed for 15 independent countries across North America – the United States and Canada; Europe – Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and Rest of Europe; Asia-Pacific – China, Japan, India, South Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific; and Rest of World – Russia, Turkey, Brazil and other.

This 234 pages global market report includes 156 charts (includes a data table and a graph for each chart), supported with a meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation of the market. The statistical tables represent the data for the global market by geographic region, Product Segment and application area. The report profiles 12 key global players and 38 major players across the North America – 9; Europe – 6; Asia-Pacific – 16; and Rest of World - 7. The profiles also include addresses, contact numbers and the website addresses.

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