Emerging Technologies, IoT, AI and Factory Automation Bolster the Demand for Industrial Sensors to Reach $48 Billion by 2029 – Market Research Report (2023-2029) by Industry Experts, Inc

Wednesday 01 May 2024

Industry Experts, Inc. introduced the new global market research report on industrial sensors. According to this new report entitled "Global Industrial Sensors Market – Sensor Types, Functionality Types and End-Use Sectors", Asia-Pacific is the largest market for industrial sensors in 2023 with a global share of 31% while North America and Europe closely follow, occupying 25% and 22% respectively in the same year.

Industrial sensors offer the capability of perceiving a physical quantity at the input point and transmitting an equivalent electrical output at the output point. Sensors, being devices that convert one form of energy into another, are considered to be transducers. In simple terms, sensors are able to detect their surroundings and transform that input into an output capable of being comprehended by a computer or a process controller. Irrespective of complexity, the role played by industrial sensors in virtually every modern manufacturing process is highly significant, owing to which it is inconceivable to imagine an automated system without sensors.

North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific account for nearly 80% of the global market for Industrial Sensors based on type and functionality. Among these, Asia-Pacific is likely to emerge as the fastest growing market, with an expected CAGR of over 12% during the analysis period. This can be attributed to increasing technological advancements and rapid industrialization, plus to fact that the region has for long been the hub of electronics manufacturing, and the use of sensors in this area is widespread.

Global Industrial Sensors Market 2023-2029

The market for Industrial Sensor types studied in this report includes Accelerometers, Flow Sensors, Force Sensors, Gas Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Image Sensors, Level Sensors, Optical Sensors, Position Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Temperature Sensors and Touch Sensors. The global market for end-use sectors of Industrial Sensors studied in this report include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Energy & Power, IT & Telecom, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical. The report explores the market for Industrial Sensors functionality types comprising Contact Sensors and Contactless Sensors.

The report reviews, analyzes and projects the Industrial Sensors market for global and the regional markets including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa for the period 2020-2029 in terms of value in US$. These regional markets further analyzed for 15 independent countries across North America – the United States, Canada and Mexico; Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom; Asia-Pacific – China, India, Japan and South Korea; South America – Argentina and Brazil.

The study includes 242 charts (includes a data table), supported with a meaningful and easy to understand graphical presentation of the market. The statistical tables represent the data for the global market by sensor type, functionality type and geographic region. This report profiles 34 key global players and also provides a listing of the companies engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Industrial Sensors. The global list of companies covers addresses, contact numbers and the website addresses of 321 companies.

California, USA based Industry Experts, Inc. is a multi-industry focused business information provider.

For more details, please visit: https://industry-experts.com/verticals/construction-and-manufacturing/global-industrial-sensors-market

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